Testimonials from some of our clients

You are invited to view the feedback below from some of our clients about our services:

DMOD Architects:  DMOD Architects have worked with Simon Clear & Associates on many projects over the last 10 years.  Some of these projects have had extremely complex planning issues to be resolved.  We have found Simon Clear & Associates to be an exemplary organisation and hold them in the highest regard.  They are excellent design team players and have always provided a rapid response to our queries.

The practice has a very client focused mentality, providing excellent and relevant strategic planning consultation. We look forward to working with them again in the future.


Noonan Construction:  Simon Clear & Associates have worked with us on various projects over the last number of years. We have always found that they are quick to accurately assess our requirements and priorities, identify where particular difficulties and opportunities may lie, have an excellent rapport with the Planning Authorities and the other professionals in the team, are not afraid to 'think outside the box', perform well to deadlines and in fact will drive the process along and provide a great service in an efficient manner.

Rory Noonan


Board of Limerick Youth Service, Catherine Kelly, Director wish to acknowledge the diligence and expertise of Simon Clear in steering us through the planning appeals process.  Together with your patience, prompt and professional nature, it made the whiole process so simple.  Limerick Youth Service would have no hesitation in recommending Simon Clear & Associates to any Company / Organisation.


Declan Doyle of O'Callaghan Properties:  We have worked over the last five years with Simon Clear. Throughout that period, Simon has been diligent and professional in the provision of services. Simon’s lateral thinking has facilitated solutions to what are often complex challenges. We are very happy to be associated with Simon and his staff.


Bymac Project Managers are pleased to have the opportunity to write a testimonial for the services of Simon Clear & Associates.

Our criteria are quite simple. We need a personal and responsive service offering competent guidance, unbiased evaluations and relevant up to date information. We found the team at Simon Clear and associates to be very knowledgeable and proactive in all aspects of the planning process.

Simon Clear and associates continue to meet our requirements on our commercial, industrial and retail projects which is why we have continued to grow our relationship with them over the past number of years and continue to do so.


Molloy Properties has worked with Simon Clear & Associates for over seven years.  We have always found their level of professionalism to be of the highest standard;  deadlines are met without fail and creative suggestions to planning difficulties continuously put forward. 


Barry Boland of Beaux Walk Properties:   Simon Clear and Associates give direct and unequivocal advice every time.In planning consultancy, we all know that you cannot be right all the time but with Simon you feel that he will steer you in the direction of best opportunity.


Ray Byrne of Wineport Ltd:  I opened Wineport Lodge on a beautiful lakeshore site in 1993. I have a long relationship with the local authority and expanded the business over the years as demand grew. When I applied to the local authority in 2005 for another expansion we were given the message that we were at the end of the road in terms of planning gain.

 In 2009, an opportunity arose to develop a purpose built Residential Cookery School at Wineport. I knew I had a tried and trusted design team, however I also realised that the planning aspect needed very careful handling. My Project Manager recommended Simon Clear and Associates and I genuinely believe we would not have been granted the Planning Permission without their help.

From the outset, Simon and his team were mindful to get a comprehensive understanding of the site and the planning challenges we faced. Every criteria was analysed and a specific Action Plan was implemented at each stage in the process.

I would recommend to anyone contemplating a development to have the best advisors when it comes to planning and I can personally attest to the excellent service I received from Simon Clear which was critical to the success of securing a Planning Permisson and allowing me to grow my business in the future. 


Brendan O'Mahony:  I have the pleasure of knowing Simon Clear many years both professionally and socially.

Simon’s experience, advice and knowledge of the planning process and policies pertaining thereto have been of invaluable assistance to me over the years.

Simon Clear & Associates offer a professional and skilled service provided with alacrity and courtesy and they continue to do so in the changing market today.

I wish Simon and his firm continued success.



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